We start with the definition of two common words


“The system of rules which a particular country or community recognises as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties.”


“The exercise of just and correct behaviour or treatment.”

It is a failing that in both China and Australia, the Law does not always end in Justice. Put simply we have a system of Law not a system of Justice.

It is for that purpose that legal strategy is now more important than ever before. However, very often law firms and lawyers underestimate its importance. This is partially due to the business of law, and a law firm's desire for profit, being incompatible with the path that can secure the client’s ultimate result. Sometimes, the lawyer subconsciously knows what is best for the client, but this may not be best for the business of law.

The Australia China Legal Group is different. We measure our success by that of our clients, not the profitability of our business. We understand and balance every aspect of our clients' overarching goals or long-term aims, and match it with the most appropriate legal, and commercial, strategy. We integrate our actions and anticipate events and reactions to achieve the best results for our clients — not only legally, but commercially.

Unlike other law firms, we do not consider a successful, lengthy and costly, legal action to be a positive result. While sometimes lengthy legal matters are unavoidable, in our experience it is usually the result of poor legal strategy and the inability to anticipate an opponent — whether that be a government department, a property vendor or a litigation adversary.

It is for this reason that the Australia China Legal Group sees the system of complex laws as a group of tools that can be used and employed at will, to promote positive outcomes legally, but more importantly commercially. We do not have competing interests with our clients; our only interest is using our legal and commercial skills to promote the desired outcome for our clients.

We understand and acknowledge the needs and anxieties of our clients and provide practical advice and comprehensive solutions, based on legal strategy that result in reliable outcomes while maximising opportunity and minimising risk.