Commercial, Development & Shopping Centres

With an expanding and successful network of land owners, developers, experts and influencers, being a client of the Australia China Legal Group opens doors to many opportunities and wealth generation.

As a law firm, the Australia China Legal Group is poised to assist its clients in all aspects of Commercial Law; including business acquisition, franchising, property and asset development and shopping centre management advice.

However, in addition to legal skill, Commercial Law requires contacts and trusted relationships to realise success. The Australia China Legal Group has a unique approach to Commercial Law and development management, which focuses on objective and pertinent advice, and is driven by intelligent and trusted relationships.

Our contacts extend from China and throughout Australia, and as a trusted client of the Australia China Legal Group, this network is extended to you. From developing an airport site in Shandong to purchasing a business in Brisbane, from tenanting a commercial building to selling a major shopping centre – the Australia China Legal Group has the industry knowledge to help its clients succeed.

With our lawyers’ commercial business experience and legal knowledge, we ensure that your wealth works for you, and assist in navigating the complexities of today’s commercial world.

As with all our areas of legal practice, we allow only senior legal practitioners to work on your legal matters. We do not employ junior lawyers and each file is attended to personally by our directors. As a result, you are always receiving the highest level legal skill and knowledge available from the start to the conclusion of your specific matter.