Australian & China Litigation

While the Australian and Chinese legal systems are quite different, one requirement remains constant in litigation — strategy. However, from a client’s point of view, this is not the only element that must be considered; victory in litigation with no regard to the cost can also ultimately defeat even the best legal strategy.

Sun Tzu stated that

“…a clover fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease…”

This quote is true of litigation strategy, as is “Time is Money”. A successful lawyer must be adaptive when choosing a litigation strategy, and temper it with the cost and opportunity cost to the client.

The Australia China Legal Group draws on its practitioners' commercial business success, together with our legal knowledge, foresight and experience to assist our clients in obtaining the desired result. Therefore, we can advance the use of litigation as a tool, and when necessary defend litigation with counterstrategies that limit it becoming an exhaustive and costly process.

The Australia China Legal Group currently conducts litigation within China and Australia, on behalf of both Australian and Chinese clientele. We conduct both national and multi-jurisdictional legal proceedings, and understand the additional difficulties faced by clients dealing with litigation on a world-wide scale. The Australia China Legal Group provides intelligent advice and solutions to help you and your company flourish under such adversity – giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business and wealth generation.

The Australia China Legal group, through its practitioners, has experience in conducting and defending litigation in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and the United Kingdom – including cross border litigations involving clientele from those countries.

As with all our areas of legal practice, we allow only senior legal practitioners to work on your legal matters. We do not employ junior lawyers and each file is attended to personally by our directors. As a result, you always receive the highest level of legal skill and knowledge available to us from the start to the conclusion of your specific matter.