We are a Western law firm with Australian and English lawyers, but our only focus is on the relationship between Australia and China, and the integration of their people in successful commerce.

Whether acting on behalf of Chinese people, providing advice to Chinese and Australian corporations or acting on behalf of Australians wanting to conduct business with Chinese — we are the only Australian Law Firm to adopt an exclusive and specific approach on our target demographic. We understand that to specialise as we do ultimately provides our clients with the best specific and regional knowledge and opportunities.

Unfortunately, despite the strong commercial and diplomatic relationship between Australia and China, the Australian legal fraternity has been slow to evolve, adapt and equip itself to effectively service Australian clientele moving into China and Chinese clientele moving into Australia; The Australia China Legal Group has dedicated itself to addressing this problem, and in doing so has created one of the largest Chinese and Australian networks ranging from politicians to captains of industry, from government owned Chinese organisations to multi-national Western corporations.

As Australia’s only law firm dedicated solely to the integration of business and law between Australia and China, we have gained the experience and knowledge required to meet the legal demands, challenges and expectation of Australia’s largest trading partner and her people. Our approach fosters an understanding of the Chinese method to business, justice and governance, which is crucial when assisting and facilitating the unique crossover of commercial style and acceptable legal strategy.