The Australia China Legal group is recognised as one of Australia’s leading immigration law firms. With over 40 years combined experience and knowledge in immigration law, our professionals are ultimately here to ensure you get the best immigration service in Australia.

We not only pride ourselves on high success rates and exceptional standards of immigration services, but also on fairness and transparency when it comes to costs. The first step we take with our clients is to have a telephone discussion to enable the client to get to know their solicitor and for our solicitors to have a detailed understanding of the client’s case before proceeding to consultation.

Our highly qualified team advises private clients as well as corporate, investors, and entrepreneurs moving to live and work in Australia.

Private Immigration Cases

We have established a reputation for providing accurate and strategic immigration law advice. Our team will provide the current and relevant immigration advice, which is tailored for each client. We get personally involved all the way through the process to minimise any stress. We believe our business begins and ends with our clients and we are committed to providing professional client care and immigration advice.

Business Immigration Cases

As well as private immigration cases, we can help with all your business immigration law matters. We work closely with our high net worth clients no matter the size or complexity of their business or investment in Australia. Our team works closely with you to understand your business or investment objectives by providing the best bespoke service and assisting you with our business planning.

Types of Visa that we can assist you with


e.g. Pathways and Processes

Family / Spousal Visa

e.g. Family Migrations

Visitor Visa

e.g. Business Purposes

Working / Skilled Visa

e.g. Skilled Migrations

Other Visas

e.g. Bridging Visas

Invitation to Comment

e.g. Submissions

Ministerial Intervention

e.g. Refused Visas

Appeals and Reviews

e.g. Cancelled Visas

Our focus is to serve you, our clients. We can only succeed if you succeed. By providing strategic immigration advice, our solicitors have consistently and successfully assisted our clients to navigate through Australia’s complex immigration rules and visa criteria. Our firm prides itself in handling private and business immigration requests and take great care that these services are provided to the highest standard.