Business & Commercial Management

Never before have China and Australia’s economies been so tightly linked, yet deep cultural and historical differences mean that the relationship will always be complex.

Given Australia’s current relations with China and the growing social networks linking the two countries, the growth of travel, business and migration will continue into the foreseeable future. This will create many opportunities and challenges for Australians who want to do business in China, and with Chinese who want to do business in Australia.

The Australia China Legal Group has developed relationships in both Australia and China based on trust, connectivity and loyalty. That is why many of our clients' use us not only for legal advice and relationship advancement, they also rely on us as their personal and business representative in Australia and China.

ACLG Lawyers represents multinationals, Chinese private entrepreneurs and state-owned companies with business interests in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

With our vast network of professionals, politicians and experts we are in the unique position to assist you in facilitating and coordinating your personal and business affairs.