Australia China Legal Group

As a client of the Australia China Legal Group, not only do you receive an invitation Australia China Business Partnership, you gain access to:

  • Unique Client Number and Client Card

    A unique Client Number and Client Card which is used as a reference at any of our legal offices.

  • Dedicated Lawyer

    An individual dedicated lawyer for all your files.

  • Tailored Legal Advice

    Legal advice specifically tailored to your unique circumstances.

  • Skype Interviews

    If you are unable to attend to one of our offices, you can still contact your lawyer via Skype.

  • Legal Updates

    Legal Updates affecting you.

  • Real Estate Updates

    Real Estate Updates affecting you.

  • Global Business and Finance Updates

    Global Business and Finance Updates affecting you.

  • Australia China Business Partnership

    An invitation to join the Australia China Business Partnership.

Australia China Business Partnership

As a member of the Australia China business Partnership, not only do you gain access to the one of the largest networks of politicians, business and executives in Australia, you also are eligible to receive:

  • Global Email Alerts

    Breaking news stories relevant to your area.

  • Travel Email Alert

    Global events that can or will impact on travel arrangements.

  • Representatives on Business and Trade Delegations

    Invitation to join our representatives on Business and Trade Delegations to and from China.

  • Political / Business Lunches

    Invitations to corporate and political lunches with business executives and politicians.

  • Political Dinners

    Invitations to intimate political dinners with guest politicians.

  • Custom Debit Card

    Australia China Business Partnership Australian Debit Card.

  • Off Market Property Development Opportunities

    Off market property development opportunities.

  • Off Market Corporate Investment Opportunities

    Off market corporate investment opportunities.

  • Merchandise

    Access to the exclusive Australia China Business Partnership merchandise.